Dark Side of Black History

There is a Dark Side to Everything…Black History is not Excluded!

Elder Koko Ishe, author of the 7 Great Lies All Christians Believe, did some digging for all so-called Black Americans

If you’re a Black American You need to learn the deep hidden history of your forefathers Buried in History Books!

In this MUST READ book, you’ll learn the ancient heritage of Black Americans:

  • Why Black Americans have such a dark history of slavery…
  • Where Black Americans actually come from on the continent of Africa and the kingdoms they established there
  • Who is responsible for Black America’s current struggles and hardships
  • What available solutions they have for their present and future…
  • And how their plight has affected Christianity and the entire WORLD!
  • Rollback the curtain and sink into this book, the hope for the Black Community in America…

The Darkside of Black History is currently out of print and will resume again, but right now we’ve partnered with The Negro Question. Get your copies of the Negro Question NOW! Visit http://TheNegroQuestion.com/ for more details and for your copy of this book!