The Dark Side of Black HistoryBefore the shores of America, black African empires existed. ¬†People of negro color had kingdom’s, riches, wisdom, and famous leaders.¬† However, slavery became a part of their history as the nation decided to walk away from the very thing that made them excel.

Blacks in America created this extremely dark side of their history, and have shown extraordinary strength to survive and endure the harshest treatment possibly suffered by a people collectively.

The Dark Side of Black History is a story to illustrate the troubled past the Black American has had within Christianity and how this troubled past has ruined their thriving nation even today.

This chaotic history has also helped to bring a negative aspect to the world and it affects every person on the planet.

The author believes every black family in the Americas (North, South, Central America and the Islands) need to learn and know about the Dark Side of Black History in order to make proper solutions in moving forward as a people.

The author illustrates the story of how black Americans took plight; however he details the exact method and remedy to return to greatness for all and not just a few superstars!

The author will show Christians and the black community their extended history, rich kingdoms they established, prominent leaders, famed rulers, why the demise occurred, and how to reverse it to become a world power again.

The author pulls back the curtains on the Christianity, the black American community, their dark history, and the bright future that lies ahead for those who learn from the past.

The Christian perspective is certainly a winner for all readers to enjoy and increase in knowledge. The author does this by making an identity awakening for black Americans all around the world.

This book is laid out in 7 simple chapters with an introduction and a conclusion. It is very educating but also delightfully entertaining with personal stories, clever humor, and a joyful tone of the togetherness and community for black Americans and all people.

Everyone who reads this book will learn something new and valuable. Get your copy today!