The Priest of the Most High God

The Priest of God the Teachers of the Universe


The main priority, the main job that the children of Israel from the biblical text were and are to do, is to teach everyone in the world about the God of Israel. They were to answer the questions, answered the the the mysteries, and provide the oracles to everyone regarding the God of Israel. They were to be the priest of the Most High. The black American is supposed to be the priest of God.

In Exodus chapter 19 the God of Israel ordained the children of Israel to be a Royal Priesthood. If the entire nation was to be priests to the Most High God then they would not need to minister to themselves alone, but also to the entire world. Once they began to this regard the God of Israel, they’re very own Creator, then things went sour for them and they were dismissed of their duties as Priest of God.

The Children of Israel are the Priest of God


This dismissal as the priest of God is even evident in Scriptures. However this is their main state, this is the black Americans main job; it is to teach others about the God of Israel, and if they do not do this job they get beat up and sent into harsh conditions until they repent and take on the mantle of the job.

Throughout the biblical scriptures everyone that sought the true answers from the Gods or from the Universe or from anything pertaining to the God of Heaven, they were sent to see one of God’s priest, from the Royal priesthood set up by God in the wilderness with Moses their leader. This is something that must be understood today. As for blacks in America, and blacks around the world they need to get on the job and start to do the word of God and to teach the word of God to others. Until this is done, life will be a struggle for the black American and is worldwide scattered brothers and sisters.

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