Joseph Coin Found in Egypt and Depicted as a Black Man

Joseph son of Jacob Coin
This is an image of Joseph that was found on a coin in the land of Egypt. According to the article, the back of the coin had images of wheat and corn, named Joseph Viceroy of Egypt!

A coin found in Egypt was transcribed with the depiction noted to Joseph. This would be Joseph from the Bible who went down into Egypt as a young teenager, a captive, a slave. Joseph was a young boy when his brothers turned on him based on their jealousy and had Joseph sold to the Midianites. The Midianites then sold young Joseph to an Egyptian official who Joseph began to work for.

Joseph work for an Egyptian and was blessed as he also blessed the Egyptian because of his loyal and good work, and because the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was with Joseph. The average person would have gone mad by now because of what their brothers did to them, and how their life has been totally changed or “ruined” while they are servants in Egypt.

Things get a little worse for the young Joseph. Upon his success, his master’s wife took a liking to young Joseph and wanted Joseph to get intimate with her. Again, the average young man would have taken the opportunity, depending on how attractive the “Mrs” of the house was, which would have been a complete violation of God’s law; particularly the commandment regarding adultery. Joseph refrained and refused to lay with his master’s wife and thus she turned and blame him falsely, accusing him of trying to seduce her. Here Joseph was trying to do the right thing by God, and instead he’s accused of wrong.

Joseph Coin

Found in Egypt and

Depicted as a Black Man


This landed Joseph in jail, which intern eventually propelled him to the second highest rank in all of the Egyptian government. Joseph was a Hebrew and was not an Egyptian, according to the biblical story. Many people have disconnected the Bible as a source of historical information, this is why I remind us that Joseph was a Hebrew, a Hebrew Israelite to be exact. However the fact is that the recent coin found in Egypt credits the Bible. We are able to identify something that has come out, outside of the Bible. The inscription on the coin was to one name Joseph.

The only popular figure associated with Egypt that bears the name Joseph is the son of Jacob. Therefore it gives validity to the Bible because the character Joseph is in the Bible and a coin found with his depiction has been identified. One thing that we should take from this is that Joseph’s pictures depicted him as a black or brown skin man and not that of our current day Jewish brothers and sisters who have more of a white or pink skin color depiction. This can mean one of two things for our Jewish brothers and sisters today; they are Jewish by conversion and are not authentic sons of Jacob, or they are Jewish by conversion and are not authentic sons of Jacob. This coin gives evidence to two very strong facts, one being that the character Joseph certainly existed in Israel and Egyptian history, and the second fact is that he was a dark skin black man.

Joseph Coin Found in Egypt and Depicted as a Black Man

Why is this important? It is important mainly because it was revealed; but also because for years popular historical figures have been portrayed as European or Gentile. However, today many artifacts and images are turning up that are depicting these great people as black men, black women, colored men and women and so forth. This will help black youth recollect and identify with greatness, Joseph, and the many others who gave great to society from the African american race and all black people all around the world.

Joseph Coin Found in Egypt and Depicted as a Black Man

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