The Dark Side 


Black History

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The Dark Side of Black History is the result of an obsessive quest, spanning just short of a decade, by author and researcher, Koko Ishe, to hack the misconceptions and lack of extended explanation of black history.


Koko Ishe, bestselling author of The 7 Great Lies All Christians Believe...Even the Good Ones, focused on one life-changing question: For all things spiritual, what is the common link between Blacks, their struggle, and Christianity?


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Your free audios and videos will teach you:

  • The ancient heritage of Black Americans
  • Why the dark history of slavery and struggle
  • Where Black Americans come from on the continent of Africa and the kingdoms they established there
  • Who is responsible for their current community hardships and troubles
  • The solutions out of the pit for a brighter future
  • And how their plight has affected the Christian community

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