The Ancient Egyptians were Black Skinned People

Egyptians Black Skinned People
Egyptian Art

What is not common knowledge is the fact that the ancient Egyptians were a dark skinned black people. Artifacts after artifacts and research from different research depictions in the pyramids all show that the ancient Egyptians were indeed a dark skin and black people. This does not raise any eyebrows in many of the cult like black communities where Egyptology and ancient Egyptian studies is deeply studied. This may be more news to the mainstream and western teaching where Egyptians are commonly depicted as white European and/or Islamic or Arabic. This is because of the recent depictions and news that comes out of Egypt today.



Egyptians were





Nevertheless the ancient Egyptians are and have always been a brown skin black skinned people in depictions from different encyclopedias, historical documents, and artifacts that have been discovered. Why does any of this matter or why are we still trying to prove that the ancient Egyptians were a black skinned people? The reason why is because of Bible history and the children of Israel. The thing that we, as people, have to come to grips with is throughout European history, their depictions of ancient historical figures have been “slighted.” These depictions have been placed by Europeans, and the depiction on many different historical figures have been  of European appearance, even though they know the character or individual was a black man. This is subliminally “white-washing” history.

The Ancient Egyptians were Black Skinned People
Beutiful Black Women

This (whitewashing) is included in the stories from the Bible and the ancient children of Israel. When you look into the reading of the history from the Bible, you will take note that the ancient children of Israel who Exodus out of Egypt by the hand of the God of Israel, they were indeed very similar in nature and in appearance to the ancient Egyptians. If this is the case, and it is biblically speaking, then the children of Israel would have been a dark skin brown or black people just like the ancient Egyptians were. Certain facts in the Scriptures read as such; Moses passed for the grandson of the current Pharaoh.

According to Historical Sources: The Ancient Egyptians were Black Skinned People

We have to remember and understand that as Joseph return to the land of Canaan to bury his father Jacob, the people of Canaan remarked the funeral progression as a mourning to the Egyptians. They did not say it was in the morning to the children of Israel. This is because the children of Israel and the Egyptians were just alike in appearance, that is they were both brown or black skinned people. There are many more examples in the Scriptures and in historical documents of the children of Israel having similar or like appearance of the Egyptians.

The reason why the children of Israel have no actual pictures or artifacts that show they existed or who they are is because Jerusalem and it’s nation of Israel was attacked and destroyed; not once but twice. Israel was attacked by King Nebuchadnezzar of the Chaldees and then later by General Titus in 70 AD. Historical documents show that they were destroyed all the way to the ground; nothing was left, the temple was burned to the ground and not one stone was left upon another. With this knowledge we know that the only way we can compare the children of Israel and whom they would have resembled in ancient day, is by reading of Scripture and historical documents. The ancient Egyptians were dark skin and black people therefore the children of Israel would have been a dark skin and black people also. This is very important in identifying the children of Israel today.

According to Biblical Description: The Ancient Egyptians were Black Skinned People

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